I write for The Big Smoke, US--not to be confused with our mother publication in Sydney, AU. 
I also have a serial published there, MolochIt was originally a quire (25 pages) with a piece a page, all flash cnf about my experience briefly teaching at one of Denver's inner city schools. 

My other works there are about a variety of topics.

Featured Work

A short story I wrote about the time I heckled Rick Perry.

A short story about an experience I had hunting in Iowa.
​What happens when Marines die?

Double Entendres, in Gulf Coast, about bullying and sexual assault in the military.

A chapter from my memoir that published at the Rumpus before it came out

This is a sad piece, but I had a blast writing it

A collaboration I did with Fox Sports

A story about FOB Riviera's Post Four.

One of the chapters in my chapbook, Moloch, was published in Hippocampus first.

Some of my hard-hitting poems included in this issue.

The second collaboration I did with Fox Sports


A short story about the time I nearly killed a man.

(Killed as in shot until dead.)

I'm really happy with this piece and where it's placed

Jason Arment

Author / Writer / Typist

My essay, Old Men Dying Young, has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Operation Iraqi Freedom

 My first real publication. You have to create a log in to read it, but it's free.

A short story of literary fiction and an interview I did with the EiC.

Flash narrative nonfiction at Brevity. Check it out!

A handful of my works