Jason Arment

Author / Writer / Typist



My memoir about my time in Iraq, Musalaheen, is forthcoming from University of Hell Press, Portland, OR circa the end of 2017.


Hybrid of CNF/reportage about my brief time teaching math at a low income, inner city school, Moloch, is published at www.thebigsmoke.com. (2016)

Essays and Stories:
“Pill Line”
“Short Comings”
Yes Poetry
“Run Around the Walls of Troy Like They're Jericho's” (poem)
“Poem to a Dead Man”
Barking Sycamore
“Mark of Cain” (poem)
Synaesthesia Magazine
“None of Ours” (Film poem)
“Daybreak” (Film poem)
Fox Sports
“Two Shallow Graves” (narrative nonfiction)
Best of American Essays, first published in The Florida Review
“Cross Me”
Digging Through the Fat
“More than Sorrow”
“The Smell of Pine”
“The Cull of Saqlawiah” (poetry)
           0-Dark-Thirty A Literary Journal Anthology 2012-2017
White Whale” (narrative nonfiction)
           The Iowa Review 47.1 Spring
Misnomer” (narrative nonfiction)
Short Timers” (narrative nonfiction)
“VA Mental Health Waiting Room” (poetry)
           Midwestern Gothic Winter
“War Fighting”
“Police Actions”
“1,000 Yard Stare” (poetry)
           New Madrid Winter
Every Man a Fortress” (narrative nonfiction)
           Lunch Ticket Winter/Spring
“Every Marine a Rifleman”
“Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, War-guided”
“The Absence of Dreams”
“Marine Blues”
           COG Issue 5 Fall
“My Brother's Keeper” (nonfiction)
           Zone 3 Vol. 31 No. 2 Fall
The Oaths We Keep” (creative nonfiction)
           Watershed Review
Between the West Bank and the Sea” (narrative nonfiction)
           Atticus Review
“The Cull of Saqlawiah”
“More Than Sorrow”
“The Smell of Pine” (poetry)
           0-Dark-Thirty A Literary Journal Fall
“Blood Magic” (fiction)
           Witch Craft Magazine Issue 3 Fall
“Bottle Rockets and Bad Memories” (fiction)
           Proud to Be: Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors Vol. 5

“Two Shallow Graves” (narrative nonfiction)
           The Florida Review
"River City"* (narrative nonfiction)
           The Indianola Review
Accessory to Genocide”* (flash narrative nonfiction)
           Brevity Magazine: A Journal of Concise Literary Fiction
Post Four”*(narrative nonfiction)
           Pithead Chapel: An Online Literary Journal and Small Press

"So Many Years Ago"* (literary fiction & interview)

           Radial's premiere issue

“Double Entendres”* (narrative nonfiction)
           Gulf Coast: A Journal of Literature and Fine Arts Winter/Spring Vol. 28 Issue 1

Fear City” (narrative nonfiction)
           Phoebe Fall Vol. 45 Issue 1
“Santa Muerte”* (flash narrative nonfiction)
           Hippocampus Magazine: Memorable Creative Nonfiction (AUG)
“Farewell” (flash narrative nonfiction)
           Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors Vol. 4
“Voices of Dissent”* (narrative nonfiction)
           Dirty Chai Issue 7
“In Defense of Suicide” (lyrical essay)
           Chautauqua Issue 12
“Old Men Dying Young”* (lyrical essay)
           The Burrow Press Review (MAR)
“First Season, Shotgun”* (narrative nonfiction)
           Lunch Ticket Magazine, Summer/Fall
“A Bridge to Nowhere”* (narrative nonfiction)
           War, Literature, & the Arts: An International Journal of the Humanities Vol. 26
Grim” (narrative nonfiction)
           Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors Vol. 2
“Operation Iraqi Freedom”* (narrative nonfiction)
           Narrative Magazine, featured as the Story of the Week over Thanksgiving weekend
(For a listing of all Sketch issues in the Digital Repository)
Print & Digital

“Fallout” (nonfiction)
“Her” (lyrical essay)
           Sketch Vol. 76.1Fall
“Chopsticks” (short fiction)
           Sketch Vol. 75.2 Spring
“Invisible Horde” (narrative nonfiction)
“Tough Guy” (narrative nonfiction)
           Sketch Vol. 75.1 FALL
“Allah Willing” (narrative nonfiction)
           Sketch Vol. 74.2 SPRING
“A Moment of Panic on Post One” (narrative nonficition)
           Sketch Vol. 74.1 FALL

Journalism, opinion, cultural critique, film criticism, and a documentary.

The Iowa State Daily
www.iowastatedaily.com, and print

The Big Smoke, America (not to be confused with the mother publication in Sydney, AU)

Ames Vision (Spring 2011)
Urban revitalization in small town America, when politics and big business clash with small business.

Honors and Awards

From the Sonora Review:
2016 Essay Prize Finalist

From The Sycamore Review:
2016 Wabash Prize for Non-fiction Finalist

From The Masters Review:
Volume V Final Round

From Epiphany Magazine:

2016 Spring Contest: Under Thirty (prose only) Finalist (x2)

Push Cart Prize nomination
           from The Burrow Press Review for “Old Men Dying Young” (2015)

“Emerging Voice” spotlight
           in Chautauqua Issue 12 (2015)

Best of the Net Anthology nomination
           from Lunch Ticket for “First Season, Shotgun” (2014)

From Hermeneutic Chaos Press:
Chapbook Finalist 2015

From CutBank Literary Magazine:

Montana Prize in Creative Nonfiction Finalist 2015
Montana Prize in Creative Nonfiction Finalist 2014

From Narrative Magazine:

30 Below Story Contest 2012 Finalist
Spring 2012 Story Contest Finalist
Story of the Week 2012-2013 Series

From Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors

Essay Honorable Mention 2013

Scholarships From Iowa State University (Spring 2012):

Kurt Moody Creative Writing Award
           “In recognition of excellence in fiction writing, screenplay or playwriting”
Albert L. Walker Excellence in English Awards
           “In recognition of academic excellence and exceptional ability in the study of literature”
Richard Caplan Sketch Prize
           “In recognition of excellence in nonfiction writing”

Military research resource for Benjamin Percy's novel Red Moon.

Film Credits
Caucus (2013)
Activism: a brief few seconds of the story in Dirty Chai caught on film.

Other Activities
Denver Small Press Fest 2015
Worked the booth for University of Hell Press